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WhatsYourPrice Review

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WhatsYourPrice Review:

Founded in 2010, WhatsYourPrice is a website focused on finding valuable dates. Since then, it has created an exciting dating experience for more than two million men and women around the world. It provides background checks so that singles can date safely and carefree. Most importantly, it provides a platform for members to buy and sell their first date opportunities.

This interesting concept is the main driving force behind this unique site. The site offers a completely different perspective on dating.It's more like a bidding game, where members bid on a first date by paying a certain amount. So, for pretty sugar babies, it's a great place to pitch a first date to a generous sugar daddy. In addition, the registration process is very simple, once you enter, you will get access to a lot of personal information and choose the best date.

Standard Features:

1.Create a profile with photos and information free.

2.The ability to send free winks.

3.Verify that your background is $50 to get more attention.

4.Add members to your favorites and block lists.

5.You will receive a "recent match" recommendation from the site.

6.Check the last login date and time for other members, and hide your.

7.Search for members by user name, keyword, and language.

8.Start 20 first dates for $50 to $250 a month.

9.It allows you to view all features, validate and update members.

10.It lets you know who has browsed and bookmarked you.

11.Privacy Settings to ensure your privacy.

Unique Features:

The bid date: The site is part of the sugar dating world. It has a patent-pending dating system in which sugar baby can put a price tag on her first date, and sugar daddy, if he's interested in sugar baby, can bid a price he's willing to pay for the date.In the meantime, sugar baby will have the option of accepting, rejecting or opposing the bid. Once the bid price is accepted, all that remains is to determine the time and place of the date. Have you ever thought that dating would pay off for you? If not, go to WhatsYourPrice and start looking for potential partners. Once you like any of these profiles, you can give the person an offer you're willing to pay for the first date.

Generous and attractive: It's easier to sign up at WhatsYourPrice than at any other sugar dating site. In filling out the details, you must mention whether you want to be on the list of generous men or women, or the list of attractive men or women. The "generous" category means you have to pay for the date, while the "attractive" category means you can send invitations to the "generous" members asking them to pay for your first date. Generous members can accept offers or negotiate terms. A deal is only finalised if he or she accepts the offer and takes the attractive partner out. If you see any good in your partner, you can start dating or look forward to a healthy relationship. However, you can't ask for a second date with an equally generous man.

There is a charge for verifying your account: Unlike other sugar dating sites, WhatsYourPrice charges you a fee if you want to authenticate your account. Every sugar daddy dating site follows a simple rule of thumb: most people will grab their attention, or be interested in qualified people and profiles with photos. So if you're paying a membership fee, why not pay a small fee and verify your account to receive more blinking and date Suggestions?


Like other sugar dating sites, WhatsYourPrice is free to join, allowing users to sign up for free and get their first date auctions and meet many members who want to pay for their first date.But if you want to update and upgrade your profile, you can buy a few points and use them to meet new friends.

Credit Packages (updated):

$50 is equivalent to 100 credits

$150 is equivalent to 450 credits

$250 is equivalent to 1,000 credits

Another $50 is for a verified membership

The lowest bid on the date was $5

All offers over $200 will require you to have enough credits to proceed

You can use credit CARDS, alternative payment methods, moneygram and cash payment


The advantage of WhatsYourPrice is that it's a free site where all members can send their offers for free. The money can only be paid after the deal is completed. Another advantage is that there are not many error profiles. The site is free for women and offers guaranteed dates for sugar babies.Instead of wasting time on texting and other time-wasting features, you can cut to the chase, start a conversation, create an atmosphere, and ask for a date. When the website speaks for you, you mention your price, the sugar daddy or sugar baby accepts the offer, and you both go out for a nice evening. Such a direct feature can keep you away from fake profiles. WhatsYourPrice can also help you find people who live near you and let you date local people.


While few users who have used the site say it's not worth their time and money, WhatsYourPrice has received mixed reviews. Many critics claim that the site is nothing more than a digital prostitution site because you pay for dates based on money rather than feelings. Dating based on money, not emotion, is unlikely to last. It's a more polite way to hire an escort.

Privacy Policy:

WhatsYourPrice respects your privacy.The site is dedicated to protecting users' privacy and wants to provide a secure user experience. It will use its best efforts to ensure that the information you submit to the site is confidential. When you access WhatsYourPrice, your data is collected, used, and Shared like this:

1. Information collected

When you use WhatsYourPrice, you may be asked to provide certain personal information, including your name, email address, zip code, phone number, credit card information, occupation, hobbies, and interests.Our website also automatically receives and records server log information from your browser, including your IP address, browser type, and WYP Cookie information (as defined below).

As mentioned earlier, the site is dedicated to providing you with a safe and secure user environment. Therefore, you may need to provide additional information that it will use to verify your identity, address, or other information before allowing you to use WhatsYourPrice's services. It may also get information about you from third parties, such as authentication, fraud prevention, and similar services. The important thing is to provide you with a better quality experience.

2.Website visitor

WhatsYourPrice collects information about all users, such as the areas they visit the most and the services they access the most, and then USES that data only anonymously. This information helps the site determine what is best for its users and how it can continually create a better overall user experience. The site might share information with its partners and remain anonymous so they might also learn how users and visitors use WhatsYourPrice's services. The site USES Google analytics. To learn more about how Google analytics collects and USES data, go to Google.

3.Share information

When you use WhatsYourPrice services, certain information may be Shared with other users and the public.Such as:

1.When you submit an article or comment to the WhatsYourPrice service, visitors and users of the WhatsYourPrice service will be able to see the content of your article and comment, associated with your post or comment, with the user name and date and time of your initial submission of the article or comment. While some parts of these services may be private or isolated, they can become public, which you should consider before publishing to WYP services.

2.When you send private messages or messages, the recipients of those messages will be able to see the content of your message, your username, and the date and time the message was sent. Please use caution when sharing information about yourself to third parties, as we have no control over how they will use the information you share with them.

3.When other users view your profile, they will be able to see information about your activities on the WYP Services, such as your username, prior posts and comments, etc.

4.When other users view your profile, they will be able to see information about your activities on the WYP Services, such as your username, prior posts and comments, etc.

5.If you participate in promotions, special offers, or other events or activities in connection with the WYP Services, WhatsYourPrice may share information with entities that partner with us to provide these offerings.

Final Verdict:

WhatsYourPrice levels the playing field for men and make dating more valuable for women. Don't waste your time texting like you do on other dating sites. The site's unique system increases men's chances of interacting with women and can turn any answer into a yes.However, many critics claim that the site is nothing more than a digital prostitution site and that dating based on money rather than emotion is unlikely to last. It's a more polite way to hire an escort.

In some cases, however, money seems to buy love, especially in a mutually beneficial sugar dad-sugar baby relationship. The site offers a quick way to date beautiful people and find singles in your location.Dating on the site is as simple as looking through other profiles in the area, and if you find out someone is right, you can send out an invitation. You don't need to spend time sending emails.

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