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What Are The Most Common Online Sugar Dating Mistakes

Welcome to the age of online sugar dating. We're talking sugar daddy/sugar baby dating sites/apps. There's no shame in dating sugar daddies or sugar babies, because everyone is embracing the latest sugar dates. You can look for a short sugar date, a casual relationship, or a serious relationship, and online dating can do that for you.

Unfortunately, despite the popularity of online dating, many people are usually not good at it. As a dating coach, I'd like to review some of the mistakes I've seen them make online so you don't make the same mistakes in your life. Or, if you've recently been rejected or failed at a sugar date, you might have made the following mistakes:

Don't take cues when you say no
Often, women respond to men simply because they fear the consequences of not responding. This is especially true if you live in the same city and social circle. One sugar baby told me: many times, I spend time and energy with a sugar daddy just because I don't want him to make a big deal out of it, or become violent or completely cruel to me. So, do us all a favor and take a hint: if a sugar baby doesn't look well, respond to you, or respond in a way that you want to provoke her, leave her alone.

Impatient or overly nervous
If you are impatient or too nervous during online sugar dating, you will not get a good result. Everyone is busy. Why do people have to take your orders? Don't think sugar babies' time isn't as valuable as yours. If she wants to respond to you, she will. It's like if you want to respond to someone, you'll find the time and energy -- when you can. Sending 15 "just in case" texts is annoying and desperate.

Want women to be sexual partners and therapists
Don't tell sugar babies directly on sugar dating websites and apps that you want to have sex with them and that they are not your sexual partners. If you've never learned how to handle your emotions properly, remember not to use the women in your life as emotional dumping grounds. She's not your mother, she's not your therapist, and she's not here to fulfill some weird mommy or therapist fantasy for you. (hire a sadist.) I'm not saying that there isn't a level of support and love in all relationships; However, sugar relationships need boundaries. Many sugar daddies hope that the sugar babies they meet online will satisfy all their needs, but they have no sexual emptiness on the Internet! They just want someone to spoil them.

Send boring or creepy introductions
If your personal sugar daddy dating profile is great, but you send out boring, creepy male references like: "send naked," "do you like sexting?" "Do you like horror movies?" These are all online sugar dating taboos!

In fact, there are many ways to send messages to people you find attractive. A good opening line should be specific to the other person (if their resume/photo has an introduction). This shows that you care about them as people, not just as objects. Bad opening lines are often boring -- "hi," "hello," "how are you doing?" -- or downright creepy with sex. This route is a big risk because you don't know how they'll take it, or if they're just using dating sites and apps in search of something casual and sexual. It's also important that any message you give someone should be meaningful.

Misrepresenting sexy social media content
Most sugar daddies like to use Instagram and Twitter as their personal dating profiles. Every time sugar baby posts a picture of herself, in any sense sexy or sensual, she'll likely receive countless messages from sugar daddy. These people can be past or total strangers (and often are). Men like to use their sexuality to explain women's openness, seeing it as an automatic invitation to orgasm. The problem is, women don't orgasm for you, we orgasm for ourselves. A good rule of thumb is this: if she wants you to send her a sexual message after seeing a sexy photo of her, she'll send it to you privately, not publicly.

Not very impressive
There are thousands of sugar dating sites online -- SugarDaddyMeet, Seeking, SugarDaddie, Sudy, and many others that many people don't try. But some of the shutdown issues I keep encountering on these sugar apps and websites are also easy to fix. First, realize that your online dating profile photos are going to be an important part of your first impression, so make sure they look great. At the same time, don't just post a series of photos apparently taken by the same photographer, which can create a sense of tension and desperation that makes using these dating sites and apps seem serious, which is what's annoying. Even if you're looking for a serious relationship, it's good for you to look more fun and casual. Use photos where you look good, but don't look like you're trying too hard. Also, it's best to show your own solo shots. If there are five people in each shot, who knows who you are?

Being too impatient
No one likes a stranger to send some sexy photos directly. What's more, don't send nude sugar daddy photos on a sugar date without the sugar baby's permission. It's not sexy. It's sexual harassment. It's not okay. Because it invades a person's space, makes them feel distinctly sexualized, and the question is, no one wants to see your obnoxious asshole, okay? If someone wants it, they will ask for it. But hide it until that special day.

If you can't afford to pay a monthly fee for a sugar dating site or app, that's fine. But for those who have the money to splurge on shopping, but still use the free site, it's worth asking why not do yourself a favor and invest in the dating experience. Even though there are plenty of free sugar dating sites out there, using a reputable paid site like MatchSugarDaddy can save you a lot of trouble in the long run -- you don't have to weed out fake profiles or people who don't know you. Think about it, this will increase your chances of success on a sugar date.

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