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MissTravel Review

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MissTravel Review:

MissTravel is the leading online dating site for wanderlust singles. Unlike other dating sites, MissTravel is built around the idea of mutual benefits, and it's goal is to provide a platform that enables travel lovers to connect while also having the opportunity to find love. Join to meet attracting wealthy men and women while on the trip.

MissTravel, founded by Brandon Wade, is the only cross-internet travel dating site.Unlike other sites, MissTravel is a completely different kind of site, based on the idea of mutual benefit. Basically, it's designed to appeal to generous men and women looking for attractive partners on the road. It claims to be the main service provider connecting people with similar interests in luxury travel. While the site provides a platform for wealthy and successful men to find young and beautiful partners through luxury travel, it also provides a platform for women to travel for free. In a way, people think of it as another sugar daddy site. In addition, the site sees a growing number of people from around the world signing up to find travel partners.


Unlike other sites, MissTravel has only a few features.Among them, "create a trip" is one of its unique functions. It allows you to post future trips so other members can search and request to join. When creating a trip, you should enter a location, the duration and date of the trip (which can also be flexible), a small description, and a catchy label. Most importantly, don't forget who pays. If you are no longer interested in traveling, or change to another trip, or you have found someone, you can cancel the trip you have created.

The MissTravel was divided into two groups: one is the generous sugar daddies who had detailed plans for the holidays and just wanted someone special to enjoy and share them with; another group is for attractive members who are looking for wealthy hosts who can pay their full travel expenses. The website offers three travel options for members:

1.Take me to your place: that way, you can ask a generous member to sponsor travel to his place.This will allow you to make the most of your precious time together and find a new place for free.

2.Travel with me: a wealthy host may invite an attractive person to travel with him to different places.The rich will pick up all the TAB.

3.Come to me: generous hosts invite beautiful women or handsome men out to play.


On MissTravel, the subscription program is designed for men.There are three options:

30 days, total cost $59.99

90 days, total cost $164.97

180 days, total cost $299.94.

What is MissTravel Dating?

Miss Travel provides a unique way for wanderlusts to explore the world. Our community is made up of real people interested in seeing the world and sparking new connections. Instead of meeting for dinner and drinks at a local restaurant, our members choose to date while traveling in luxury, staying in the best hotels and indulging in the finest dining.

How MissTravel Works:

It's a first-class date: leave the ordinary date, take a flight to a luxurious destination around the world, and use Miss Travel to find romance.


Sign up, create your profile and upload your photos. In just a few minutes, join one of the largest online travel dating communities.


Explore our millions of members and connect with your ideal travel companion.


Plan and enjoy a luxurious getaway with your someone special.

Members Fall Into Two Categories:
  Do you want to take someone away?

Generous members have the resources to travel in luxury and want to share experiences with beautiful partners.

Do you want to be taken away?

Attractive members crave a luxurious lifestyle and enjoy spending time with wealthy people who provide companionship and access to the best things in life.


The MissTravel site is designed to initiate contact between members.This means that users are advised to use their best judgment to screen potential travel partners.In addition, when traveling to unfamiliar destinations, we recommend that users keep an eye on their surroundings.Consider the following safety tips:

Stay in touch with friends and family:

1.If you live in a private residence, during your stay, email, text, and verbally share the address with friends and family in case of an emergency.

2.Give a family member or friend the passport and contact information of the person you are traveling with (if possible).

3.Share hotel information with emergency contacts.

4.After arriving at your destination, we suggest contacting relatives and friends to let them know you are safe.

5.Make sure your family or friends know where you are going and with whom.

6.In addition, share your security contact information with the hotel reception desk so that the hotel can immediately contact people around you in case of an emergency.

Meet a person is abroad:

1.Once you arrive at your destination, meet your travel companions and contact your relatives or friends to let them know you've landed safely.

2.Whenever possible, meet them for the first time in your home city before deciding to travel with them.

3.Never go abroad or to a different city to meet people you don't know well.

4.Make your best judgment when meeting a fellow traveler.Try to meet in public and take time to get used to it with your travel partner.

5.Make sure all airline and hotel reservations are made in your name to ensure you have complete control over your travel.

Final Verdict:

Most people have the same question about MissTravel: "is MissTravel safe?" In fact, if you choose to play the role of a sugar baby, the safety of traveling to a new place with someone you've never met before may be so unnerving that you run into a pot at your local cafe for the first time. So, it's natural to think about going to a new destination with a man you've never met. However, when you travel to meet a generous new friend, there are some benefits worth joining.

MissTravel is the leading luxury Travel dating site. Its goal is to provide a platform for travelers to connect and find love. MissTravel is generally a reliable online dating website as well as a novel dating website. At the same time, it's a sugar dad-type date, and it does open the door to another dimension. If you travel a lot, or want a free romantic getaway, this is the place to start. With its growing popularity, your chances of finding a travel partner on the site are pretty good. Join now and start your luxury dating journey!

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