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How To Break Up With A Sugar Daddy Nicely

Sometimes in a relationship, you don't know how to express a delicate topic or thorny topic, especially breaking up. Sure, it's easy to say nothing, but avoiding the subject does no one any good, and nothing gets done. Breaking up is a topic that most experts don't want to talk about, but the fact that how to end a relationship amicably with a sugar daddy is a very important skill that every sugar baby should learn. So in this article, you'll learn how to break up with sugar daddies when necessary.

Breakups are a sad, difficult part of the human experience. No one likes to break up with someone. There are just some situations where they have to. Well, it's tempting to disappear without saying a word, but it's definitely a bad idea. You are hurting someone's feelings by keeping them in the dark indefinitely. And, who knows -- you might run into them again sometime in the future! Hey, maybe your next job will be headed by the same person you left behind. Think about the awkwardness and tension in the office. No, no, it's not worth it. Being mature will save you a lot of trouble.

Here, we'll show you some friendly ways to handle breakups and what common breakup minefields you should avoid. It's never easy, but you'll feel more relaxed if you follow these simple steps. This, of course, is for those who are determined but don't know how to deliver the bad news. Not if you're just trying to scare him. First, how you break up usually depends on the length of the relationship:

Break up after a few dates
Do you want to text your sugar daddy? Oh, this is usually not desirable! Because dumping someone via text message is rude and unacceptable. However, if you've only dated that person two or three times, you can safely assume that they won't be that upset. You two don't know each other very well, so it's ok to send him a well-worded text instead of just dumping her in person.

So what kind of text messages are appropriate? Not like this: "well, I think I need to leave now. Goodbye!" Even if it's not a serious relationship, it still deserves a better send-off. Here's a good example of a breakup text: "hey, let's just say I've had a great time with you for the last two weeks and I'm glad we had a brief sugar relationship. I'm really sorry, but I don't think I can take this relationship any further. I hope it's not too discouraging. Thank you very much. "

This is a good example of a breakup text because it's polite but clearly expresses your thoughts. Yes, "it's not you, it's me" is a cliche, but it makes the other person feel better. If it's just a week or two, you don't have to explain why you don't feel it! It is very common for people to change their minds after a few dates.

Date for a month or two and break up
This is slightly worse than the last one. If you've been dating for a month or two, you've probably been through something together, traveling together, or even living together. Get used to dating every day! In the long run, maybe you're ready to break up with your sugar daddy and marry a millionaire elite. Because you have to end this arrangement to keep your marriage stable. At this point, you should probably break up in person, or (at least) over the phone. But that doesn't mean you should just call them up and suddenly say, "hey, I want to break up, so cancel next week's movie tickets." This is bound to have a bit of an impact. Ideally:

Hey, I've been thinking about our relationship and what I see in the future. Sugar relationships are actually short-lived arrangements, so I'm a little uncertain about the future, which I don't think is a good sign. I think maybe it's over. I'm sorry. You're great. You deserve a better sugar baby.

It's best if you can sit down with them and tell them in a friendly but firm way that you don't think it's going to work out. Just make a phone call if necessary. Don't beat around the bush -- come straight to the point, but listen to him, be patient, no matter how he reacts, it was you who broke up, and you have to be prepared for the consequences. You may even encounter some resistance that is too great, but you try to resolve it and give both parties a satisfactory answer.

They dated for more than two months and then broke up
Let's say you've been dating for a few months, but you suddenly find yourself wanting to leave. Or you want to date another sugar daddy. Whatever your reasons, this situation definitely needs to be discussed face-to-face with your sugar daddy. You've spent months with this sugar daddy -- you could definitely spend an hour a week talking about a breakup.

In this case, maybe your sugar daddy knows something about you, after all the time you've been together. Of course, there's no denying that he may have no idea that you're unhappy in the relationship! Because men are not so sensitive animals. No one knows unless you tell them, which is why breaking up on a crowded sidewalk is not a good idea. Ask him to go to an empty coffee shop, or ask if you can come over and talk to him. That way, if the conversation gets emotional, he won't feel humiliated in public.

First of all, it's important to be sorry. Many people don't want to say they're sorry when they break up because they don't think it's a crime to end a relationship. Of course not, but it's not an apology. Here, I'm sorry because you're a decent person who CARES about other people's feelings. So you want to say you're sorry.

Second, acknowledge that it won't be easy for you, and let the other person know how you feel. Because you don't want to lie emotionally and have an uncomfortable conversation. If you act inattentive or indifferent to the breakup, it will cause more pain to the sugar daddy.

No matter which situation you are in, you need to be honest. After all, honesty is the most important thing! Now, hope you are a more confident sugar baby who is in control of the situation!

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