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How to Be a Good Sugar Baby

Through your many attempts at sugar daddy dating websites, you found your sugar daddy. Now that you and your sugar daddy are in a happy mutually beneficial relationship, you want to know how to be a good sugar baby to keep your sugar daddy happy. Trust me: it's not that hard to do, but I want to make a list to help you become a good sugar baby.

Now think back to your ex sugar daddy, why you broke up, and make a list of what he did wrong. You know why you broke up, because there are so many bad things about him that you can't go on with him. So, how to be a good sugar baby? Learn how to be a good girlfriend and never make the same mistakes your ex sugar daddy did.

One more note: while I encourage you to treat your sugar daddy the way you feel is right, this is a generalization. After all, everyone has different quirks and desires. For example, you may like kissing in public, but he doesn't. So stop kissing him, because that's how he wants to be treated! Before we begin, remember that whatever you do to make a good candy baby, do it naturally. If forced, he'll know and your intentions will disappear.

Speak your mind
I know women who do everything they can to avoid ruining a relationship early on, so they stifle their own opinions and personalities. What a shame, because the right man will love you for your point of view, not your point of view.

Obviously, you don't want to offend him. Perhaps stay away from controversial topics (politics and religion are two examples). But do say what you think. You’re a smart, sexy woman, and your thoughts are worth sharing. Don't be shy about contradicting him. Some healthy back-and-forth banter can be fun!

Be nice to his friends
They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but actually, I think it's important to get his friends to agree. Are you inspired by what your friends think of your sugar daddy? Just like you, a man cares about what his friends think of a woman he takes seriously. If they call you names or don't want to be with you, he's even harder to deal with. If he spends a lot of time alone with you or his friends, he feels stressed.It means something is wrong between his friend and you.

So another way for you to learn how to be a good sugar baby is to make friends with his friends. You don't have to love them, but you have to be good to them. If he tells you a story about his friend, ask him the next time you see him. If his friend is going through a breakup, buy them both some booze and send your sugar daddy over.

Give him some space
Everyone needs a little space in a relationship, otherwise it's an unhealthy relationship. Yes, when you're on a first date, they may put that need aside because they're excited to spend all their time with you because they both met once, or because they're worried that they'll distract you by needing to be separated from you. So, on a first date, you often don't realize that you need to give men space. But when you're in a relationship, they're more likely to let you know they need space. If you really want to be a good sugar baby, give him some space when he needs it. You can also use this time alone or with friends. Trust me, it's good for a relationship.

Open up
You may have been hurt in a past relationship, but your sugar daddy may have been hurt in a past relationship, too. So it may be hard for them to be vulnerable in front of you. Of course, the only thing you can do is solve your own problems, knowing that opening up to your partner is the key to any successful relationship. So if you want to build trust with the sugar daddy, be open with him. This means telling him about your past and possible problems (e.g., it's hard to trust a man after being cheated). Open up. I know this can be hard for you, so take your time.

Be authentic
I tell you, in any relationship, the false mask will be exposed sooner or later, so you should be true to yourself, not false. Maybe you think your sugar daddy likes sugar babies, and then you'll put away your outgoing personality and be a gentle little sheep. But I promise you, you won't stay that way for long. Your sugar daddy will eventually think you're a duplicity, too.

If you want to know how to be a good sugar baby, be realistic. A good sugar baby won't hide behind a mask. She'll show her sugar daddy who he is. Yes, it's scary. But for the long run, you have to show him who you really are. Otherwise, end it now and find the sugar daddy who likes your flaws not your strengths.

Be his friend as well as his sugar baby
A good sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship requires both parties to work together. You are not just a sugar daddy-sugar baby, but a mentor. I mean, of course, there are more complex relationships involved, and maybe sex. But I think when you take the "friends" part out of the equation, it deprives the sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship of some of its benefits.

So how to be his friend? That's what he does with his friends, like watching sports together, playing golf together, hiking together, etc. Connect outside the bedroom to help you warm up.

As you begin to practice being a good candy crush by following the list above, notice how he reacts to everything you do. You may find that he responds well to your truth, but if he's not a man who needs space, he may not like it when you give him space. You need to re-evaluate the results and adjust your strategy accordingly. In short, tailor your strategy to the way your current sugar daddy likes it, because every sugar daddy is different. So go with the flow and keep learning how to be a good sugar baby.

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