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5 Tips To Take Your Online Sugar Chatting To The Next Level

Think about this: When you're lying in your comfortable bed and open your Sugar Daddy Dating Apps, you see that you've made a new connection! I know, you will be excited to jump out of your bed!

First comes the rush of excitement: you fantasize about all the romantic scenarios that you believe are about to unfold. But then, your brain fills up with negative energy. Remember those mundane, forgettable connections? As a dating coach for sugar daddy dating websites, I've seen too many conversations die because they can't turn a match into a fun, meaningful conversation. So, what happened? Why do some conversations fizzle while others fizzle out? Don't worry, I'm coming. My team and I studied some sugar chat techniques. Here are some of my insider tips, which I hope will help you turn that conversation into the conversation you really want to have, leading to a great sugar date.

1. Give the phone a chance
In today's Internet age, we don't like making phone calls so much as Posting instant messages online. So much so that now when our phones do ring, most of us freeze. But when it comes to getting to know a person, a good old-fashioned telephone is priceless. Yes, I suggest you pick up the phone, dial a real number, and call like you used to. Not only will you give your poor thumb a break (no more typing), but you'll stand out and get to know that potential sugar dater better.

Through online chatting and texting, people have time to respond perfectly and calmly. But it is only in real life conversations that you can really understand a person's character. So, talking on the phone will reduce the chance of being cheated, because they can quickly catch the reaction of another person.

2. Don't be afraid to take the first step
Now that you have decided to start sugar dating, you should take the initiative to pursue a sweet relationship, take the first step, and don't let outdated, clinched dating rules lead you astray. Should men make the first move? No, men and women are equal. My advice is simple, but important: it's just a chat, don't put too much pressure on it. Making the first move isn't the same as proposing, it just means you're matched and want to know more -- simple as that. If you let these misconceptions continue to dominate your dating life, you may miss out on some promising opportunities.

3. Don't wait for the sugar daddy/sugar baby to break the ice
If you find a sugar daddy/sugar baby dating profile on a sugar dating site that's interesting enough to earn your likes, why not start the conversation and wait for the other person to break the ice? Procrastination may or may not be your middle name, but it doesn't work here. It's best to strike while the iron is hot. On any sugar dating site, start chatting with potential sugar daters within three hours of the date and you're more likely to get a response!

Once you start, don't drag it out. Nothing kills a conversation like 16 hours of responding. At that point, you won't even remember what you're saying if you don't reread the information. That's a big reason why some apps end up logging messages after five days -- so you have an incentive to use your time wisely, rather than endlessly procrastinating until the conversation gets boring and can ruin a relationship.

4. Don't gossip
To be honest, no one likes to gossip, and it makes them think you're a twiddling your thumbs. You laugh through the boring time at the office Christmas party. Why would you want to be willing to commit to a date? Your time is more valuable than that. You should start your conversation by asking a question that you really want to hear answered. If you're a comic book fan, ask them who they think is the best avengers character and share your thoughts.

Maybe it's a little weird to start talking to potential sugar daters directly with a question. For this reason, you can update your profile on your sugar daddy or sugar baby dating profile with a question like:

Which book do you like best? Share with me!

Who's your favorite band? Share with me!

Do you have any TV shows you can watch over and over again? Share with me!

If you could only eat one fruit for the rest of your life, what would it be? Share with me!

Of course, make sure you have your own answers to your own questions first to help spark the conversation. While these are some great questions, feel free to use your creativity to create more meaningful conversations. You should ask questions that you're really interested in hearing answered (so don't ask about their favorite cheese if you're lactose intolerant).

5. Take the next step or end it
By the time you've completed the above steps, I'm sure you've now got a good idea of your potential sugar daters, and you should have a good idea of whether or not to bring this conversation to the real world. If you want to meet your date, don't over think it -- just ask! This requires us not to put so much pressure on the situation. If they agree, congratulations! If they say "no," that's fine -- at least they're being honest and not wasting your time dating someone who isn't going anywhere.

On the other hand, if you've been chatting and the spark hasn't come up, end the conversation honestly and politely. Maybe you'll get another friend to talk to. That's great!

Here are some ways to end a boring conversation or politely decline an invitation to meet:

"I enjoyed our conversation, but I didn't feel any more chemistry. Nice to meet you and good luck with your future dates!"

"I like talking to you, but I don't think we're right for each other. Thank you for talking, I hope you can meet your Mr. Right!"

It's time to start your sugar chatting
Now that you've mastered the techniques I've crafted for you, it's time to test them out and start chatting with your sugar daters! Every time you choose a sugar daddy/sugar baby, a new dialog box will appear. Open your app and click the "chat" button in the lower right corner. It's not hard to talk. You just have to think outside of yourself and be true to yourself. Keep my advice in mind and you'll find yourself immersed in the conversation with no effort. Good luck!

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